To All FCCC Members and Friends.

The Car Show Season is quickly approaching and I want to share a few thoughts, that I read in part from another clubs Face Book page.

As proud Corvettes owners we all love our cars and we want to win. We want to win and get that trophy. However in the end it's more about the friendships, their respect for you and your loyalty to them and our club....

My message is clear, go to the Car Shows to hang out with your friends, club members, people in the club and enjoy the event. You may even meet some new people that would like to join our club. Bottom line have a good time.

The trophy you may or may not win is not worth hurting someone, embarrassing your self or the FCCC buy things you may say or do at the show. The car and any trophy is secondary  to all the friendships that can and will be made over the years.

I myself I'm very proud of our club and the people we have in it.

"Join for the car, stay for the friends."

Thanks for your time.

Troy Bennett

V.P. Falls City Corvette Club